—cfp – “On the paper floor: exploring writing practices” (winter 2010)

Department of Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies, University of Roehampton, London

‘On the paper floor: exploring writing practices’

For the launch of activate A new postgraduate eJournal of Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies Department

Vol.1, No1, Spring 2011

Deadline for submissions: 31, December, 2010, 6pm

The inaugural issue of activate aims to continue a line of inquiry begun at last year’s AHRC-funded project 10 PERFORMANCES, which explored the nature of performative writing and its relation to the staged event of performance.

Sharing a concern with language “not as a text, but, as an event”, as Tim Etchells, the artistic director of Forced Entertainment, has aptly noted, this publication’s aim is to explore the notion of writing as a way of performing as well as the ways that performance is being elaborated through linguistic and writing processes. Our main aim is therefore to expand the forms and ways that one can “make writing perform” (Pollock, 1998:75). Within this frame, we invite proposals within three broad categories:

1. NEW CRITICAL WORK: Essays focused on the notion, practices, aesthetics and structures of performative writing and/or writing for performance. Topics could include (but are not  restricted to):

  • Writing as an event/The event of writing
  • The practice of writing
  • The boundaries and intersections between critical and performative writing
  • The writer as performer/writer as practitioner

2. ACCESSING THE ARCHVIE: Review/critical analysis of any of the 11 works presented as part of the 10 Performances project (either from people who have witnessed the project’s presentation or people who will access its works through its archive) For more details about the project and to view a digital archive of all works please visit:

3. NEW CREATIVE WORK: We invite proposals for performative writing, following the 10 PERFORMANCES imperative of works created for the page and not the stage. 

We would like to encourage postgraduates at any level (especially those in the areas of Live and Performance Art, Theater, Film and Cinema, Visual Art and English) to submit proposals for essays or for new pieces of work for inclusion in the publication.

Final Submissions should conform to the following lengths:

  1. New Critical Work: 3,500-4000 words
  2. Accessing the Archive: not to exceed 3,000 words
  3. New Creative Work: to be assessed with Guest Editor and Advisory Committee

NOTE: First Drafts will be required by late February, early March.

Proposals should be submitted by emailing the following information to

 (citing reference  ‘PROPOSAL for activate’):

Full name:
Academic (or other) Affiliation:
Email address:
Contact Telephone number:
Proposed Title:
Abstract – (300 Words)

On the paper floor: exploring writing practices, the first issue of Activate, DTPS e-journal, will be published in Spring 2011. Guest Editor: Danae Theodoridou.

For further information, enquiries and submissions please write to:
Justin Hunt, Managing Editor

Deadline: 31 December, 2010, 6pm to

activate is a peer-reviewed e-journal in the field of performance and creative research, based in the Department of Drama, Theatre and Performance at University of Roehampton, London.