—cfp – figure of the sensible: between the lines of practice and theory (spring 2012)

Department of Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies
University of Roehampton, London

‘Figure of the sensible: between the lines of practice and theory’

For the second Volume of activate, a postgraduate eJournal of Drama, Theatre and Performance
Studies Department

Vol. 2, No 1, Spring 2012

Deadline for submissions: 1 March, 2012, 1pm (GMT)

The forthcoming issue of activate invites documentation of discursive and bodily practices
and aims to explore how to make sense of the nature of these sensible differences in articulation. The interplay of exactly the relations between signs and bodies emerges as figure of the sensible. A figure indexes the sense through its relation and context and more often than not this makes the sensation intelligible. For that matter the ‘sensible’ refers to what is capable of being apprehended by the senses in its double meaning as a relation of sensation and of sense pertaining to the ethical, representational and aesthetic regimes (Rancière, 2000). This intricate reticulation of meaning eludes simple placement or anchoring. Instead the forthcoming issue will be a versatile collection of traces that elaborate the complex process of sense-making, effecting a profound investigation of the sensible between the lines of practice and theory.

We invite proposals within three broad categories:

1. NEW CRITICAL WORK: Essays focused on the notion, aesthetics and ethics of practices and theories in current performance circulating relational sensitivity. Topics could include (but are not restricted to):
•Relations between performed and written sense-making
•The figure of the sensible as tentative or affirmative, in any case intensifying potential
•The sentient, sensational, sensitized practices of articulation in performance and writing
•The boundaries and intersections between discursive and bodily practices
•The topology of performative/choreographic/discursive/critical work

2. PERFORMING RELATIONS: texts and assemblages of various textures (images, notation, figures, maps, photos, illustrations…) that attend to processes and ascriptions from performer and audience in printable format. Testing what performance might look like, this is a submission without standardized format. The only predefined focus is on creating spaces for sensible being. As Luce Irigaray, a Belgian philosopher, has formulated, “Being is determined as relational” (2002, p.102) and therefore we follow our curiosity towards “choreographing“ all those “donations” into one shared Portable Document Format. (If we receive enough material, we will create a special edition.)

3. NEW CREATIVE WORK: We invite proposals for ‘Figure of the sensible: between the lines of practice and theory’, tracing the topology of works that explore the modes of sensing and sense-making, including deviations and uncertainties. This submission can be scores, dialogues, (self) interviews, descriptions and reflections of works (in progress), open letters, games, monologues, scripts or any other text-based creative work in response to the theme.

We would like to encourage professionals and postgraduates at any level (especially those in the areas of Live and Performance Art, Theatre, Dance, Choreography, Film and Cinema, Visual Art and English) to submit proposals for essays or new pieces of work for inclusion in the publication.

Final Submissions should conform to the following lengths:

1. New Critical Work: 3,500-4000 words

2. Performing relations: open format, but we ask for the willingness to engage with the process of shared ‘figure-making’. The final form of publication will be negotiated and ‘choreographed’ by the Editor and Contributors.

3. New Creative Work: max. 4000 words — to be assessed with Editor and Advisory Committee

NOTE: First drafts will be required by early May.

Proposals should be submitted by emailing the following information to:
(citing reference ‘PROPOSAL for activate’):

Full name:
Academic (or other) Affiliation:
Email address:
Proposed Title:
Abstract – (300 Words)

☐ New Critical Work

☐ Performing Relations

☐ New Creative Work

‘Figure of the sensible: between the lines of practice and theory’, the third issue of activate, DTPS e-journal, will be published in late Spring 2012.

For further information, enquiries and submissions please write to: Mariella Greil, Managing Editor:

Deadline: 1 March, 2012, 1pm (GMT) to:

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