—cfp – exposure: the opaque star in performance (winter 2013)

Exposure: the opaque star in performance

For the second volume of activate
a postgraduate e-journal of drama, theatre & performance
Vol.2, No.2, Autumn/Winter 2012-13

Deadline for submissions: 31 January 2013, 1pm GMT

I have made a career out of attempting to expose. -Andrea Fraser*

The forthcoming issue of activate invites discursive writings and the documentation of practices around the theme of ‘exposure’. In a recent collection of essays (Nudities, 2011), Giorgio Agamben discusses the idea of grace and secret, unveiling and the impossibility of unveiling.

The act of baring is always a process, never a form. It is the evidence, meanings and consequences of the paradigm of denudation that we explore as revealing threshold, an understanding of related resistances and potentialities.

Taking up these ideas, this issue aims to explore an aperture towards exposure in body, text and performance in the plurality of possible approaches and understandings. We are interested in an investigation of the qualities, intensities and ethics of revelatory practices.

We invite proposals within three broad categories:

1. NEW CRITICAL WORK: Essays focused on the notion, aesthetics and ethics of practices and theories in current performance-making that are concerned with the idea of exposure. Topics could include (but are not restricted to):
• Exploring the inherent paradigms and archeologies resonating in our relationship with exposing and exhibiting
• The performance and experience of mocking and the potentiality of exposure culminating in topics such as truth/lies/deception/fabrication/fakery
• The opacity of exposure as holding space for the chaotic and intangible potential in performance alluding to flesh/materiality/insides/outsides
• The revelatory practices of articulation in performance and writing when touching on scandalousness or taboo
• The boundaries and intersections between epiphany and secrecy and their generative frictions in creative work
• The topology of performative/choreographic/discursive/critical explorations on processes of revealing

2. BLIND DATES: Dialogues with someone without ever meeting each other in person. Exposing the process of an encounter with someone through a set of rules that explore exposure beyond a physical meeting. This is an invitation to get involved in a dialogue through texts and assemblages of various textures (images, notation, figures, maps, photos, illustrations…). This process will consist of various movements and exchanges. The deadline for expression of interest is extended until 31st January 2013.
Please send a brief statement explaining your interest in the format of BLIND DATES (a short letter of motivation). We only accept individuals and expect that you are motivated to exchange and correspond with someone you (ideally) haven’t met and won’t meet during the whole period of the blinddating for activate. It will be a three step process, and you choose individually in which order you move through them:
1. collecting gestures or experiences of exposure and translate the sensory, perceptual, formal content onto the page in text(ure)s
2. addressing exposure exclusively through visual material (photos, drawings, graphics, comics, stills, video…)
3. exchanging about blind spots (scotomata) in one’s personal and/or public performance through texts, sounds and images. These might expose with “eyes wide shut”, complicating the relationship between what is revealed and hidden.
The idea is to respond to the three tasks and the material you received. All material will be sent to activate acting as link, meaning you won’t know the profile of the person with whom you are in conversation. The exchanges happen weekly and alternate between task and response, culminating in an edited version of the BLIND DATES.

3. NEW CREATIVE WORK: We invite proposals for tracing the topology of modes of exposing. This submission can be scores, (self) interviews, descriptions and reflections of works (in progress), open letters, games, monologues, scripts or any other text based creative work in response to the theme.

We would like to encourage professionals and postgraduates at any level (especially those in the areas of Live and Performance Art, Theater, Dance, Choreography, Film and Cinema, Visual Art and English) to submit proposals for essays or for new pieces of work for inclusion in the publication.

Final Submissions should conform to the following lengths:
1. New Critical Work: 3,500-4000 words
2. Blind dates: Expression of interest (300 words) and short bio (150 words) by 21st December 2012.
3. New Creative Work: max. 4000 words

NOTE: First Drafts will be required by 14th February.

Proposals should be submitted by emailing the following information to
(citing reference ‘PROPOSAL for activate’):

Full name:
Academic (or other) Affiliation:
Email address:
Contact Telephone number:
Proposed Title:
Abstract – (300 Words)

‘Exposure: the opaque star in performance’, the fourth issue of activate e-journal, will be published in March 2013.

For further information, enquiries and submissions please write to: Mariella Greil, Managing Editor:

Deadline for expression of interest – Blind Dates:
31st, January 2013, 1pm to

Deadline for proposals of New Critical and New Creative Work:
31st, January, 2013, 1pm to

*Andrea Fraser (2012), ‘There’s No Place Like Home / L’1% C’est Moi’ in continent. 2.3 (2012) p.186–201

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