activate is a peer-reviewed e-journal in the field of performance and creative research, based in the Department of Drama, Theatre and Performance at University of Roehampton, London.

Volume 2, Issue 2

Exposure: the opaque star in performance

La Ribot’s Panoramix: Revealing and Concealing Exposures

Eirini Kartsaki Abstract: This article explores notions of exposure in the work of Spanish artist La Ribot, more specifically looking at Another Bloody Mary. It addresses ideas of physical exposure, as well as exposure of […]

Jun, 07

dancing still exposures, a re-view of the project Still_Movil

Elena Koukoli Abstract: Still_Movil is a project that took place in 2010 and 2011 between the London-based photographer Manuel Vason and the South American organization Red Sudamericana de Danza. 50 South American artists, choreographers and dancers […]

Jun, 07


Irene Liverani & Victoria Gray Abstract: Dialogues with someone without ever meeting each other in person; exposing the process of an encounter with someone through a set of rules that explore exposure beyond a physical […]

Jun, 07

PUZZLE seminar performance: the theatre of consciousness

Maria Lalou (author of theatre of consciousness & PUZZLE seminar performance) Katerina Drakopoulou (co-author of seminar performance PUZZLE) Maro Zacharogianni(co-author of seminar performance PUZZLE) Abstract: PUZZLE – theatre of consciousness critical work is the 3rd […]

Jun, 07

Butoh: challenging the confines of the sensible

Eleni Lorandou Abstract: My research attempts to trace the process of evolution of the concept of the body in Butoh practice and performance as experienced by the dancers themselves and as viewed by the spectator. […]

Jun, 07

Terrifying Tease: an essay ecdysis

Molly Beth Seremet Abstract: As a burlesque performer, I’m well acquainted with the mechanics of exposure. Much of my life is lived naked in front of an audience, for pleasure. And pay. Under my skin however, […]

Jun, 06

The Intimated Spectator: One to One encounters in BADco.’s Memories Are Made of This…

Antje Hildebrandt Abstract: In this article, I seek to contextualise the work of Croatian collaborative performance collective BADco., specifically their performance Memories Are Made of This…Performance Notes (2006) which I witnessed at Chelsea Theatre (London) on […]

Jun, 06


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