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The Solodarities of Br. Runo Johnson on the People’s Mic – Part 1: 2011

Br. Runo Johnson

Abstract: These solodarities are slides in the life of The People’s Mic, and its driver Br. Runo Johnson, who heard the noise in 2011 and set out to stand up, on his own for us all, or as many as he could find.


The People’s Mic ( is an amplification enterprise, consisting in an ongoing series of performative street appearances all with the aim of stimulating and encouraging civic discourse.

A rustic street media platform, the Mic consists of an old church pulpit, a common handtruck, microphones, media, and a high-volume, battery-powered street amp. With anything from a simple MP3 player to a high-end tablet device, the People’s Mic can host extended broadcasts of sound, video and live action in public space. And it does. Perhaps you will too?

The People’s Mic works on a volunteerist contractual basis and has done so for a wide range of events, actions and opportunities in Helsinki, Tallinn, Venice, Paris and Berlin. Requests and invitations can be received at:


Later it turned out his whole philosophy statement in the activate e-journal publication had been lifted from one ten-dollar paperback, The Uprising: On Poetry and Finance, by this old Italian guy:

‘The main stake of street actions is the reactivation of the body of the general intellect’ (Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi 2012).

Keywords: occupy; street performance; The People’s Mic; protest; solidarity; performance art.

Watch The Solodarities of Br. Runo Johnson on the People’s Mic – Part 1: 2011

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Biography: Br. Runo Johnson is an Amero-European handtruck driver, charged since 2011, by his own conscience, with custodianship of The People’s Mic: an amplification enterprise consisting in the solidaritous mediated MC’ing of funk and revolution via the battery-powered PA-system-in-a-pulpit known as The People’s Mic, or one of its pragmatically improvised derivatives. Br. Runo crossed out a career or two in right angle sales to pick up the nobler rumble-drum of using his own lungs to shout and thump stuff, and speak up on the streets for the right of you and me to do as much. Walk, talk and spread waves, as the Brother says.

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