This article was posted on 01 Jun 2014, and is filed under Volume 3, Issue 1.

Jeux Sans Frontières. I’ll be with you again.

Sandra Lang and Ana Bigotte Vieira

Abstract: Ana Bigotte Vieira (PT) and Sandra Lang (CH) present their collaborative project Jeux Sans Frontières (JSF) offering a perspective in which solidarity is defined or redefined through the description of JSF collective practices.

JSF is a transdisciplinary project, a magazine and a website, working on at the intersection of art, theory and politics. It functions as a nomadic platform, working on issues such as the financial and political crisis in Europe, migration, and artistic and activist practices of resistance against austerity politics.

An original sound piece is offered at the beginning of the text. The sound piece is a montage of sound excerpts from YouTube videos. It includes speeches by politicians and intellectuals, songs and news reports. From Charles de Gaulle’s words about Europe in the late 1950s and early 1960s, to Judith Butler’s speech at Zuccotti Park in 2011, it can be seen as a playful introduction to the themes addressed by the JSF platform, a path through the two editions of its magazine. In this text, Bigotte Vieira and Lang have chosen single interjections from the sound piece, using them as mottos or headings from which the different text sections are elaborated in a rather free and associative manner.

Keywords: Europe; friendship; borders; collaboration; Occupy Wall Street; solidarity; migration.

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Sandra Lang currently lives in Zurich where she is studying for a Masters degree (MA of Fine Arts, Mention Theory) at Zurich University of the Arts. Her work is situated at the intersection of different practices such as writing and philosophy, art and activism. She is mostly interested in the development of collective practices. Her theoretical interests include poststructuralist, Italian workerist and postworkerist theories and performance studies. In her researche, she focuses on historical and contemporary social movements, such as the Italian social movements of the 1960s and 1970s and the global social movements since 2011. She has also worked in the field of violin and bow making in Italy, Belgium and France for ten years. For the last two years she has been collaborating regularly with Ana Bigotte Vieira.

Ana Bigotte Vieira is completing her PhD thesis in contemporary culture. Her research centres on the ‘cultural transformation’ that occurred in Portugal after it joined the European Union, focusing on the performative role played by the opening of the Modern Art Museum. Vieira was a Visiting Scholar at NYU’s Performance Studies Department from 2009 to 2012. She graduated with a degree in Modern and Contemporary History from ISCTE, and holds a post-graduate degree in Contemporary Culture from Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

She has worked as a theatre and dance dramaturge and has translated, among others, Agamben, Lazzarato, Pirandello, and Spiro Scimone. She received a Dwight Conquergood Free Registration Award for the Performance Studies International Conference  (PSi # 17) and was co-curator of Generative Indirections | Psi Regional Cluster/ founding member of baldio. Together with Sandra Lang she has been curating small-scale discursive and performative events around Arts and Politics.

Image Credit:
Resistance. Miguel Pereira performing at Jeux Sans Frontières independent publishers book fair Lisboa, Palácio Sinel de Cordes – Trienal de Arquitectura. Photo by Ruth Lang. © Miguel Pereira

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